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Here's a clip from a recording session in the early days of Messianic Minutes. 

Back in 1992, Rabbi Ted was leading El Shaddai Congregation in Frederick, MD. It was the congregation which was the covering for Jeffrey D’s ministry. The Lord had impressed on Ted that the two of them were to start a radio program about Messianic Judaism. Since Jeffrey D. had spent many years in the broadcasting industry, it seemed like a natural.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey D. didn’t share the same vision. He told Ted, now that traveling ministry was his focus, his broadcasting days were over. Therefore, he wasn’t interested. Nonetheless, Ted persisted. Finally, Jeffrey D. got a call from the congregation secretary telling him time had been scheduled at a Christian recording studio in Frederick. He was to be there with notes on program topics.

While reluctant, he agreed. Those first programs (Ted didn’t really have any broadcasting experience) turned out very well. There were no stations lined up to air those early programs, yet the recording sessions continued. Eventually, the program was accepted on one station, then a few more, and over the years its been heard on hundreds of stations. Clearly, Rabbi Ted was following the Lord’s will.

Why I love Being Part of Messianic Minutes

By Rabbi Ted Simon

I so enjoy Messianic Minutes. From the first show Jeffrey D. and I recorded, I have always felt privileged to be part of advancing the Kingdom, and working with a such a professional broadcaster and man of insight and integrity as my partner for the past 30 years.

Jeffrey and I met while I still had a secular job in the criminal justice system, and he was the General Manager of a Christian TV Station. Asher Intrater, who is now a leader of Messianic Congregations in Israel, brought us together for prayer in my office. It was thrilling to have three Jewish men who loved Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, in one place, and of one heart - to see Jewish revival amidst a world-wide spiritual awakening.

When I became the leader of El Shaddai Messianic Congregation in Frederick, MD, I knew that joining with Jeffrey D. , who was one of our congregation’s emissaries, was vital to my hopes for John 17 unity in the Body of Messiah, and subsequent worldwide Jewish Revival.

  How do you know when Abba, Our Heavenly King, speaks with you? I knew deep within me. Indeed, the Scriptures verified that my mission was to share the Gospel with everyone, and bring the good news to Jewish people without shame or hesitation. What better way than to broadcast on radio teachings and stories with an understanding that faith in Jesus is Jewish.

I had a burning desire to proclaim His message is still relevant and available for Jewish people today. My experiences had demonstrated that Christians are in a unique position to share with Jewish people once they have the Biblical prospective, the Scriptural impetus and a bit of encouragement. Messianic Minutes is an ongoing fulfillment of the desires of my heart.

And so Messianic Minutes is an unction from the Lord, and the anointing to record our program is a fresh outpouring of the Ruach Adonai, the Spirit of the Lord, every show! Its an ongoing joy to be in His will and to see His Kingdom advance!

Jeffrey D. Miller
Ted Simon

When you put the gospel out through any type of media you don’t know who it is reaching, but you do know it is reaching many and changing hearts and minds, and even leading many to find salvation through Messiah Yeshua. We stand firmly on the promise of Isaiah 55:11 - “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

What a blessing when we do hear of the people being reached. We recall the Jewish man who pulled to the side of the road when he heard Messianic Minutes on the radio in his truck. For the first time in his life he came to the realization that the Jesus Jeffrey D. and Ted spoke about is, “Someone he could believe in.”

Not long ago the news came to us of a young woman who happened upon our daily radio program and while listening opened her heart to receive Jesus as her Savior and Lord. She didn’t even know what program she was listening to at the time, but weeks later came across Messianic Minutes again and contacted us to tell what the Lord had done.

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